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EADIAP Renal Tumour
Workshop Part 2
September 2019
Dr Lisa Browning
Case 1
Female 47 years old
Left nephrectomy for 15 cm tumour in the lower pole, with a haemorrhagic and partly necrotic cut surface
Diagnosis & discussion [0]
Case 2
Female (age unknown)
Nephrectomy for tumour - this section is from the background kidney 
Diagnosis & discussion [0]
Case 3
Female 23 years old
22mm partly cystic renal tumour
Diagnosis & discussion [0]
Case 4
Female 57 years old
Left nephrectomy for 55mm tumour
Diagnosis & discussion [0]
Case 5
Male 19 years old
Family history of RCC (mother)
Left nephrectomy 70mm tumour invading into perinephric fat and renal vein
Diagnosis & discussion [0]
Case 6
Male 55 years old
Left nephrectomy for 15mm tumour with yellow friable cut surface
Diagnosis & discussion [0]
Case 7
Female 72 years old
Right partial nephrectomy for tumour increasing in size over 2-3 years.
Macroscopy: 21mm well-cicumscribed tumour
Diagnosis & discussion [0]
Case 8
Female 18 years old
Right partial nephrectomy for 75mm tumour. Macroscopically this was a dumb-bell shaped tumour invading the renal pelvis
Diagnosis & discussion [0]
Case 9
Male 63 years old
Multiple partial nephrectomies from left kidney. Previous right nephrectomy for multiple renal tumours.49 mm solid tan tumour with central area of scarring (sections A & B are from this specimen).
The other partial nephrectomies (five in total) contained tumours with a similar appearance
Diagnosis & discussion [0]
Case 10
 Female 50 years old (slides A&B from this patient)
A = Right partial nephrectomy for tumour. Two partial nephrectomies received, both containing multiple tumours. This section is from the smaller partial nephrectomycontaining a 19 mm tumour and an adjacent 5 mm tumour.

B = Remainder of right kidney subsequently removed ? further tumours (same operation). Multicystic kidney within which there were multiple solid yellow tumours (11 in total).

Female 39 years old (slide C from this patient)
Left partial nephrectomy (solitary kidney).Multiple solid yellow tumours present, the largest 25 mm (this section is from the largest tumour).  

Diagnosis & discussion [0]
Case 11
Male 33 years old
Right partial nephrectomy for 51mm tumour
Macroscopically - red brown cut surface
Diagnosis & discussion [0]
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