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Case 1

23-year-old female. Excision of skin lesion from right shoulder. Atypical lesion – inflamed/pigmented. ?seborrhoeic keratosis ?malignant melanoma

Dr Emily Clarke
Case 1 H&E
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Case 2

A 74-year-old woman presented with multiple pulmonary nodules bilaterally on CT and PET. Ex-smoker with history of hemicolectomy for bowel cancer in 2014. Right VATS wedge resections of the largest two nodules (FDG negative 11mm nodule in right upper lobe and 8mm nodule with faint FDG uptake in the right middle lobe). Both resections have a similar histological appearance.

H&E slide from middle lobe resection.
Dr Katie Allen 
Case 2 H&E
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Case 3

8 week old male. Pustular eruption since birth - progressive. Under investigation for respiratory symptoms. Previous diarrhoea. O/E widespread papulo-squamous eruption torso/limbs flexural involvement. Skin biopsy.

Dr Aislinn Stevens
Case 3 H&E
Case 3 S100
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Case 4

A 70 year old man with Type 1 Neurofibromatosis underwent a gastrectomy for an obstructive pyloric adenocarcinoma (pT4a). An incidental 5.5cm exophytic lesion was identified arising from the greater curve of stomach.

Dr Jennifer Taylor
Case 4 H&E
Case 4 DOG1
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Case 5

A 2-year-old girl presented with a palpable mass beneath a shoulder blade which had been gradually increasing in size. There was no history of trauma and she was otherwise well. An USS showed a well circumscribed heterogeneous mass, mostly within the subcutaneous tissue. MRI imaging demonstrated a mass measuring approximately 4cm in maximum diameter underneath the trapezius muscle which extended between the ribs. The mass appeared to be slightly adherent to the pleura. An incisional biopsy was performed.

Dr Rosalin Cooper
Case 5
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Case 6

A female patient aged 1 year 8 months presented with headaches and nausea. She was subsequently referred for a scan which showed a posterior fossa lesion. The patient was referred to the neurosurgical team and underwent a resection of the lesion.

Dr Matthew Clarke
Case 6 H&E
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